World Swing Dance Council
Swing Dance National Hall of Fame

The World Swing Dance Council
Presents the Swing Dance National Hall of Fame
Structure Synopsis:


I. Mission Statement / Purpose

Swing dancing has experienced explosive growth in the past two decades, which has elevated it from its primarily social dance roots to a vibrant profession and industry. The HALL OF FAME (H of F) will honor those Swing dance enthusiasts whose long-time contributions and accomplishments have contributed to the growth and prestige of Swing dancing. Beyond mere enjoyment and participation, they have given of themselves to their local Swing dancers, the general public and the national and/or international Swing dance community. They are an inspiration to all of us.

II. Criteria

The Swing Dance Hall of Fame shall honor those who: a) have significantly contributed to the growth of Swing dancing, and have enhanced the general public perception of the dance, through dancing, competing, teaching, judging, educating and/or promoting; b) have performed outstanding service and leadership roles to the Swing dance community, both locally and nationally, c) have exhibited the highest standards of personal ethics, sportsmanship and integrity; and d) have been a part of the Swing dance community for a minimum of twenty (20) years.

III. Nominations Process / Finalists

The Nominations Body shall consist of a) current WSDC Members (Professional, Associate Professional & Gold Members and Friends of the Council); b) the WSDC Executive Board; and c) existing H of F Inductees. Members of the Nominations Body shall be instructed to provide a list of those individuals felt to meet the established criteria and are worthy to be a Nominee for induction into the WSDC H of F.
A maximum of ten (10) candidates may be submitted.

The nominations shall be tallied per person and then ranked in descending order. The final list of Nominees shall be the top ten (maximum) nomination recipients who also received nominations from at least 34% of the nomination ballots returned. Each final Nominee shall receive a biography request package, so that the WSDC can compile similar information on each Nominee for final ballots. The WSDC shall follow-up with a phone or in-person interview with the Nominee, to assist in the compiling the biography and to ensure that equal information is gathered on each Nominee.

The final list of nominees shall be approved by the WSDC Executive Board.

IV. Electorate (Voting Body)

An Electorate (persons actually voting for inductees) shall consist of:
a) existing H of F inductees (except those who have requested to be deleted from the process;
b) the WSDC Executive Board; and
c) 30-50 at-large Voters. The at-large Voters' body shall be geographically diverse (representing the major metropolitan areas with a Swing dance presence), demographically diverse, and representative of the various Swing dance styles.

At-large Voters shall:
a) have a minimum of 10 years presence in the Swing dance community;
b) be a person of integrity and objectivity; and
c) have a working knowledge of the Swing dance profession and industry, its past and present competitors, teachers, judges, and promoters, etc.

V. Ballots/Voting/Tabulating

The balloting package shall contain a two-page biography for each nominee (consistent for each nominee) and an Optional Two (2) Letters of Recommendation. The ballot shall consist of a matrix of four categories for which the Voter would assign a score of up to 25 points in each of the four categories, for a maximum total score of 100 points.

The four categories shall be:
a) Overall Character
b) Service and Leadership Abilities
c) Swing Dance Accomplishments & Credentials
d) Other Swing Dance Credentials

A total score of 75 points shall be considered a 'yes' vote. The number of 'yes' votes for each of the final Nominees shall be tallied. The Nominees who've received a minimum 67% 'yes' votes of the ballots returned, shall be ranked in descending order of the average score of their 'yes' votes' total scores. A maximum of the top three (3) of these ranked 'yes' vote recipients shall be inductees for that year. The WSDC Executive Board reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of inductees as extenuating circumstances may warrant. The final list of inductees shall be ratified by the WSDC Executive Board.

The WSDC reserves the right to modify any aspect of the H of F as may be warranted.

The WSDC is pleased to honor those dancers who have a lifetime of contribution and achievement in the Swing dance community. Your participation as a WSDC member is welcomed and encouraged.