World Swing Dance Council
Expansion 2000
       The Swing Dance community has dramatically grown since the World Swing Dance Council was founded by Skippy Blair and Annie Hirsch in 1993. In keeping with the Council's mission to serve the needs of the Swing Dance community, it initiated "Expansion 2000".  This project is an ongoing endeavor to improve the Council's effectiveness in serving the community's needs and in meeting the increasing challenges presented by the community's growth.
       "Expansion 2000" increases the Council's services and fosters improved communications within the Swing Dance community. To achieve these objectives, the Council has undergone some significant changes, both organizational and operational.
       The Board of Directors has been expanded. It now comprises one non-voting and five active voting Directors. Newly adopted By-laws have been written to include: a statement of the Council's unique existing and planned services for the swing community; a Fairness Doctrine; a Code of Ethics; the establishment of several new committees and liaisons to the swing dance community; plus a revised Membership structure. In short, your World Swing Dance Council has embarked on an exciting new path to better serve the
dance community.
       The WSDC Board of Directors for the next two-year term is Skippy Blair, Dani Canziani, Vic Damon, Annie Hirsch, and Jim Tigges. John Wheaton is the Board's Sergeant-at-Arms.
       The expanded list of current and planned WSDC projects includes maintaining registries for Competitors, Swing Dance Clubs, National Events, Judges, Dance Instructors, Disc Jockeys, and WSDC Members. Additionally, the Council will continue to maintain an Internet web site, providing a communications outlet for the Swing community.
       A Fairness Doctrine has been adopted. It embraces the philosophy that only by continuously striving to create a level competitive playing field can we expect to maintain the integrity of competitions and assure fairness for all. In the same spirit, a Code of Ethics defining acceptable individual behavior has been drafted for inclusion in the Council's By-laws. New Council rules have been adopted to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest or any hints of impropriety in regards to the Council and swing
dance competitions.
       Specialty committees and liaisons will report to a new Executive Committee, in turn, reports to the Council's Board. The new committees (and their respective Chairpersons) are: Competition Rules (Jim Tigges), Dance Events (Carlito Rofoli/Annie Hirsch), Education and Music (Skippy Blair), Fund Raising (TBA), History of Swing & Council Historian (Sonny Watson), Membership (Cathy Tigges), Publicity & Communications (Tina Price), World Swing Dance Hall of Fame (Terry Rippa), and Youth Affairs (Andy Bouman/Christopher Hussey). The new liaison posts and their respective chairs are Competitors Liaison (Dani Canziani), Social Dance Clubs Liaison (Ted Colbert), Competition Judges Liaison (Vic Damon), Dance Instructor Liaison (Wayne Bott), and Event Directors/Promoters Liaison (Annie Hirsch). Skippy Blair and Annie Hirsch co-chair the Executive Committee.
       Ongoing Registry maintenance by Jim Rabins will continue. Joe Ho will temporarily continue website design and maintenance.
       In its efforts to attract new members, the World Swing Dance Council is revising its membership structure.  The cost of general membership is being reduced to encourage swing dancers everywhere to join and support their new and expanded World Swing Dance Council.