World Swing Dance Council


Working For You!

The World Swing Dance Council (WSDC), founded in 1993, serves to promote, encourage and enhance swing dancing on a national and world level; and serves as a clearinghouse of information for all aspects of swing dance events, competitions, club formation, instruction and judging. The Council provides updated educational information on swing dancing, terms and technologies; and reflects the ongoing evolution of swing dancing in all of its forms.  These efforts benefit not just dancers, judges and instructors, but everyone with an interest in swing dancing.

While neither a sanctioning nor governing body, the Council strives to provide guidelines and direction for those seeking advice or assistance.

The most visible function provided by the Council is the national Competitors Registry, which tracks and documents points for Jack & Jill competition achievements at WSDC Registry events.  The national Swing Dance Hall of Fame honors those who have had significant, long-term contributions to the growth and advancement of swing dancing as a profession and industry.

The WSDC reviews and discusses the concerns and needs of individuals, Clubs, competitors, instructors, judges, DJs, MCs, and promoters, for the betterment of the entire swing dance community. The WSDC works in cooperation with everyone involved in the promotion and enjoyment of swing dancing.

A Professional Membership or Associate Professional Membership is available to any organization, Club or business involved or interested in swing dancing.  As an individual, you may personally become involved as a Gold Member or simply as a Friend of the Council.  For more details, please refer to the WSDC information sheet on Levels & Benefits of Membership or check the website at  Support the organization that represents your interests in the swing community!