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Jack & Jill Competitor's Points Registry

Effective January 04, 2004


WSDC Registry Events will be the only Jack and Jill competition results recorded in the Points Registry Books for male/leader and female/follower competitors. The event director is responsible to report the results of Jack & Jill competitions to the WSDC. They are also responsible for advising the WSDC if the contest was in a "finals-only" format as well as providing all finalists and placement. Event Directors are also responsible for informing contestants of the point structure detailed below. The Jack & Jill Competitor's Points Registry is meant as a tool to assist both the Promoter and the Contestant.


Points are awarded as follows: 

1st place 10 points; 2nd place 6 points; 3rd place 4 points; 4th place 3 points; 5th place 2 points; Finalist thru 10th place 1 point*                 


We hope to answer some frequently asked questions about how points are recorded in the Points Registry.  It’s the responsibility of the event director and competitor to be aware of these rules.


1.       For J&J contests that have preliminary and/or semi round then a final round, points will be awarded as noted above.  *Exception: when there are three rounds (prelim/semi/final), ALL finalists will receive 1 point.

2.       For J&J contests that are held in a “finals-only” format (no preliminary or semi rounds), points will be awarded for 1st through 5th place only.  No “single points” for finalists.

3.       For J&J contests that have less than 5 couples (no preliminary, no semi – final round with 4 or less couples), points will not be recorded for any placement. 

4.       For J&J contests where the leader or follower dances and places twice in that division, that individual will only be awarded points in the highest of the two placements.

5.       For events that combine divisions (i.e. Novice/Intermediate), points will be recorded to all in the lower of the two divisions.

6.       For events that offer only one division (i.e. “Open”), points will be recorded in Advanced.

7.       For events that have different category names per division, please verify with the Event Director as to how points will be awarded within the WSDC Points Registry.  We recommend that Event Directors cover this terminology in their competition rule package.

8.       For events that are held over New Years’ holiday, points will show as of December-end of that year (versus using January of the New Year).

9.       Points received prior to the last five (5) current years will not show on the Event Director’s copy of Registry Books. They will be archived but available to see on the website (in other words, they are not “taken away”).

10.   Special Notes:  (1) Masters/Juniors/Professional/Instructor are not considered levels of dance although points are awarded; (2) Invitational Division is not necessarily a level of dance. It is the Promoter’s option to “invite” competitors to dance at his/her event; (3) Champions Division is considered a top dancer, but that decision still rests with rules of the Promoter; (4) Champions of Champions Division is often a result of votes tabulated annually from the past and current “Champion” dancers in that division.


Further recommendations: A competitor should stay in a division until they have earned at least 20 points in that division. In addition, a competitor may stay in a lower division until they have both 20 points and a first place win. If an event offers petitions, we suggest that a committee, including the chief judge, consider the requested reclassification/petition after reviewing the dancer's record. We recommend that the promoter will select this committee prior to the Event. For competitors, please note that if you have petitioned to dance in a higher division at one event, this does not "carry over" to the next event. You may need to petition at the next event as well.


The Points Registry is available at   A published version, detailing the individual results up to 60 points and showing the past five (5) years of competing, is given to the promoter (WSDC Members only) just prior to their Event.


Thank you,

Board of Directors