The WORLD SWING DANCE COUNCIL, organized in 1993, is a service organization designed to further communication and to provide informational services and record keeping for those in the Swing Dance Community

The World Swing Dance Council

  • Fosters communications between geographical locations and all generations for all types and all styles of Swing.
  • Spreads appreciation for both Swing as it WAS, and Swing as it IS. The importance of Both is recognized as only the past and the present appreciated together can combine to create the future!
  • Promotes the GROWTH of ALL Swing Dancing to the general public at large. (This fantastic sport, recreation, rehabilitation, and indeed, "way of life" brings unsurpassed joy to many. It's the best-kept secret in the country. Let's share it!)
  • Provides an Information Clearing House for Dancers, Swing Dance Clubs, Promoters, Organizers, Teachers, Judges, Competitors, and all interested parties.
  • Maintains a national website.
  • Maintains a Competitors Registry showing placements from all Major Events, with points accumulated for each competitor.
  • Maintains a Members Registry for communication between Members.
  • Maintains a DJ Registry with a listing of DJs that are members of the WSDC in good standing.
  • Maintains an Instructors Registry with a listing of dance instructors that are members of the WSDC in good standing.
  • Coordinates and maintains a National Events Calendar listing of dates and locations that allows for better planning for both organizers and those who plan to participate.
  • Sponsors the National Swing Dance Hall of Fame honoring those with long-time contributions and accomplishments to the swing dance community and industry.